Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When people talk about "moral imperative" run (and hold on to you wallet)

Is that Eric Holder a peach or what?  Heck, forget about the Supreme Court, if you want a law enforced you better hope that Holder is on your side.  From Donald Douglas at American Power (check out the video at the link):

Eric Holder is the worst of the worst AGs. The dude should be out on his can over Fast and Furious, and he's long epitomized the administration's culture of corruption. Now he's arguing that to look the other way amid blatant voter fraud is a "moral imperative." Right. Give me a break, you crook.
Holder has set his sights on voter ID laws.  Did you know that it is racist to require identification to vote?  But then, what isn't racist these days? 

A state issued picture ID is required for almost everything these days.  Open a bank account, show ID.  Don't want a bank account?  Amscot requires identification to cash a SSI check.  Applying for SSI?  Show identification.  I don't have any stats to back this up but I'm pretty sure I've never heard anyone claim that they felt "disenfranchised" because they had to produce an ID to apply for public benefits.  Further more, if "poor" people can afford cellphones, expensive kicks and televisions why can't they scrape up five bucks for an ID card?

The issue isn't voter suppression, it is voter fraud.  Dems gleefully register Donald Duck to vote and then cry "foul" (fowl?) when their dirty tricks are pointed out.  Tough.  Holder's job is to uphold the law not use his position to front for ACORN.  Holder needs to bounce

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