Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A little love

Many thanks to those who have helped me get this little rant up and going.  Special thanks to Paco, Doug Ross, Donald Douglas and Pundette for the links, advice and encouragement.  A little bird told me that the Conservative blogosphere is comprised of angels and I am certainly finding out that it is true.


  1. Thank you for listing me on your MY BLOG LIST.

    Welcome to The Rightosphere!

    [Trumpet herald]
    In accordance with Stacy McCain's RULE 2...
    I've added your site to my version of the blogroll: Congratulations, you are an official Fellow DHS-Certified Right Wing Extremist.

  2. Well, getting some attention on Twitter and at R.S. McCain's. Congrats!

  3. Bob and Donald, thank you both so very much! Look for the linky love coming your way.