Thursday, December 15, 2011

Well good grief

Smitty posts on a world gone mad via Volokh:

If you buy a card that allows you unlimited access to a city subway system, and you then sell swipes from your card to let others access the subway system on your card, are you guilty of theft? No, says the New York Court of Appeals in People v. Hightower (Dec. 11), because you legitimately own the access that you are selling:
Well good grief!  By that logic food stamp recipients are free to go out and use their tax payer funded cards for frappuccinos and lobster tails at will.  Heck, why even use the thing for food?  You own it, trade it for drugs and a hooker.  People on welfare deserve a nice night out, too. 

Is it any wonder that the producers in this country are sick to the gills of non-producers?  I've got a news flash for you-I don't schlub my happy ass off to work every day just to support people who have learned how to game the system on my dime.

The Left portrays "the poor"  as if their a band of hapless little Oliver Twists begging "Please sir, I want more."  In reality they're often demanding more and giving less and less while those of us who aren't being subsidized are being told to "eat our peas". 

What we need is a middle class revolution.

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