Monday, December 12, 2011

A little bit misleading, a little bit pandering: Just another Obama campaign speech

Of course it was actually a campaign speech but judge for yourself.  Here's a little excerpt, gleefully cribbed from Pundette:

Factories where people thought they would retire suddenly picked up and went overseas, where the workers were cheaper. Steel mills that needed 1,000 employees are now able to do the same work with 100, so that layoffs were too often permanent, not just a temporary part of the business cycle. These changes didn’t just affect blue-collar workers. If you were a bank teller or a phone operator or a travel agent, you saw many in your profession replaced by ATMs or the internet. Today, even higher-skilled jobs like accountants and middle management can be outsourced to countries like China and India. And if you’re someone whose job can be done cheaper by a computer or someone in another country, you don’t have a lot of leverage with your employer when it comes to asking for better wages and benefits – especially since fewer Americans today are part of a union.
Gee, why do factories suddenly pick up and flee to China?   It wouldn't have anything to do with our ridiculously high corporate tax rates or an EPA that is running amok or a National Labor Relations Board that believes that it should be able to dictate to private businesses would it?  And how many times is Obama going to repeat the lie that bank tellers are being replaced by ATMs?  Even die hard Lefties know that isn't true.  Maybe if more bank tellers were unionized those mean old ATMs would quit snatching their jobs away.   Right.

Obama may talk about job creation but his record is one supporting the impediments to job creation:  high taxation, rampant regulation and job killing unionization.  One need look no further than the Administration's decision on the Keystone pipeline to see the disconnect between Obama's rhetoric and reality.  "Shovel ready" don't cut the mustard unless the unions and the environuts say so.

In any case it certainly sounded like a campaign speech.  It could be summed up as "I know everything has really, really sucked since I took over but it isn't my fault and if you give me four more years I'll work on what I was supposed to be working on the first four years even though I won't really have any incentive to do that cause I don't really give a shit."  Sprinkle in a healthy dose of "ums" and you can almost hear Obama saying those exact words.

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