Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Obama Settles on a Campaign Slogan

And this newest campaign poster (for those who may not be aware of Obama's vast accomplishments):

Global Warmists Not Quite the Hotshots They Think They Are

"As respondents’ science literacy scores increased, their concern with climate change decreased," the paper, which was funded by the National Science Foundation, notes.

Well, ain't that a kick in the ass?  Seems we "flat earthers" ain't as dumb as the Warmists would like to believe.  In fact, we scored higher than the Warmists on science literacy tests.

This shouldn't really surprise anyone. Global warming is an article of faith, not science, among the worshippers at the altar of the Rev. Al Gore.  Gore, and others in the church hierarchy, keep the faithful in line through flattery (only they have the capacity to understand the threat) and fear (tomorrow will be too late-ACT NOW!)  Claptrap and the rubes lap it up like its the milk and honey from the sacred river.

It is important for Warmists to believe that they are smarter than the heretics, lest there be any possibility that they are wrong.  They will insist that the study is flawed.  Meanwhile, whenever a Warmists climbs on the high horse just smile and know that studies show that not only is the science not settled but that its minions aren't smart enough to know if it were.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Fourth Estate: the Sound of Silence

We've learned a new term in the past few days:  Swatting.  We first learned of the term from Patterico.  Since then we've heard that Stacy McCain has been forced to flee his home.  Yesterday there was a failed attempt to SWAT Erick Erickson and his family (why go after an individual when you can target his whole family?).  In reaction to all this Donald Douglas asks  timely question over at American Power:  Brett Kimberlin and 'SWATting': Where Is the Establishment Press? 

The Establishment Press is right where one would expect them to be-nowhere to be found.  Erick Erickson works for CNN and yet the threats to their employee and his family are met with silence.  The press has always been Left leaning but I think the final turning point was back when George W. Bush defeated Al Gore.  After that I believe that the MSM made a concerted decision to always act in unison for the defeat of Conservatism.  Doubt it?  See:  JournoList.

The Establishment Press is obsolete.  Currently 42% of the population self-identifies as "conservative" or "very conservative" versus only 20% who self-indentify as "liberal" or "very liberal".  They know that their days are limited and they are getting nasty.  What can we do? How about this:
Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)
Soon there will not be enough liberals left to support the Establishment Press. When that time comes, I won't be shedding any tears.

Meghan McCain: Overexposed (as usual)

Did you know that women now account for 58.9% of all grad students and 50.4% of all students earning doctorial degrees?  Yet thanks to the incessant mooing of the over-inflated bovine known as Meghan McCain the term "dumb blonde" is alive, well, and more appropriate as ever.

Ms. Elsie, er, McCain, has developed a pattern: first, insult a well known Conservative (bonus points for dissing a dead Conservative) and second, blubber when called out for said insults.  All of this is not surprising considering that McCain is known primarily for a) her girth, b) her father and c) writing one completely unreadable book.

Some would argue that our Meghan is simply an unwitting tool of the Left.  I would agree with the "unwitting" part but Meghan is a big girl (pun intended) and appears more than willing to shill for the Left.  Of course, Meghan is a Republican in the conservative mold of Andrew Sullivan and as a none too bright attention whore she has little choice but manufacture controversary in order to draw attention to herself. Might I suggest that the talentless, tasteless Meghan will not ever go away quietly so in the future when she moos at the moon we would all be wise to respond with a resounding, Meghan who?

Memorial Day

"It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.  Rather, we should thank God that such men lived."  General George S. Patton

This is the first Memorial Day since my father's passing and as heavy as my heart is I do truly thank God that he lived.  A veteran of the Korean War (conflict?) Dad had a deep love and pride for his country.  To be sure, he was disgusted with the current Administration and he was none too happy with the Republicans in Congress.  A life long Republican, he held his party to a higher standard than Democrats and his party had not lived up to the standards he had set.  Still, he believed in his fellow citizen's abilities to set things straight. 

Whether we don the uniform or not each of us owes a debt to each of those crosses pictured above, and to the lives they represent, to serve and protect the Constitution of the United States.  It falls on each of us to live our lives in such a way that we honor the freedoms that have come to us at such a very high price.  And rather than keep those freedoms to ourselves, see that all are afforded the liberties that we enjoy.

Happy Memorial Day to all.  Freedom is worth dying for-pass it on.