Sunday, August 19, 2012

Want to see what "change" really looks like?

Here it is:

The picture is of union mine workers who walked straight out of the mine, joined by their families and friends, to attend a Mitt Romney rally near Beallsville, Ohio.  They did't come to heckle or boo Romney, no, they came for one reason:

The members of the United Mine Workers -- and just about every other private sector union in America -- are being sold down the river by Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. So beholden are Democrats to the environmental Statists that they would rather entire counties in California go without water, that America's electric grid struggle to survive without clean coal, and that all of the U.S. can go without oil from the Keystone XL pipeline.

This costs the union members a very important -- as Joe Biden might say -- three letter word: J-O-B-S. And methinks the results in November will be stunning.
BINGO.  In 2008 forty percent of union members voted Republican.  Anybody think that with Obama's election, and the resulting job losses tied directly to Obama's policies, that the number of Republican union workers won't increase?

There is a growing gap between union workers and union management.  Even in the smallest local the BA, organizer, and dispatcher are provided with all expense paid vehicles, cellphones and credit cards.  They are often paid journeyman wages plus a certain percent and enjoy perks like all expense paid trips for conventions and workshops.  This all comes directly from the worker's pockets-included the pockets of laid off workers.  Union management can afford to pimp for the Democratic party.  They get paid the same wage, have the same benefits whether their men are working or not. 

Obama has been a disaster for working men and women.  Few union members will change their voter registration to "Republican" but once in the privacy of the voting booth the truth will out.

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