Sunday, August 19, 2012

From the "Don't piss on my leg and tell me its raining" file UPDATED

Photo courtesy of The World Freeman Society

There's spin and then there is outright Bull Hockey.  The Obama campaign's contention that it is intentionally limiting the crowds at its rallies falls firmly in the bull hockey category.
From Powerline:
Large and enthusiastic crowds greet Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan wherever they go. You can get a better sense of this if you check out local media sources rather than the constantly-spun national news....

President Obama and Joe Biden? Not so much. On the contrary, it is painfully obvious that they are appearing before smaller and less enthusiastic crowds than in 2008. So I was bemused when the Obama campaign explained that the president is drawing small crowds on purpose. Big crowds are just too much of a hassle, don’t you know, and small groups are so much more intimate!
I seem to remember just a few years ago that Obama was partial to grand arenas filled with spectacular crowds.  But alas, that was then and this is Obama's new reality.  Pity. 

Obama is no longer "fresh" or "edgy".  He is yesterday's news and all those chumps who were once enamored by the new kid are now broke and unemployed.  Their houses are sitting in foreclosure and they can't afford gas for their tanks.  They've had a group epiphany, "it really was just words".

Yep, they're staying away-in droves.  Nobody wants a sign hanging around their neck that says "I'm with the Loser".  A wise and dear man once said it best, "He sucks."  Yes, yes he does.  And with all due apologies to Instapundit, I'm felling more than a bit cocky.


Looks like I'm not the only one calling bull on the nonsence coming from the Obama campaign or, as the Campaign to Re-Elect the President is also known, CREEP.