Monday, May 28, 2012

Meghan McCain: Overexposed (as usual)

Did you know that women now account for 58.9% of all grad students and 50.4% of all students earning doctorial degrees?  Yet thanks to the incessant mooing of the over-inflated bovine known as Meghan McCain the term "dumb blonde" is alive, well, and more appropriate as ever.

Ms. Elsie, er, McCain, has developed a pattern: first, insult a well known Conservative (bonus points for dissing a dead Conservative) and second, blubber when called out for said insults.  All of this is not surprising considering that McCain is known primarily for a) her girth, b) her father and c) writing one completely unreadable book.

Some would argue that our Meghan is simply an unwitting tool of the Left.  I would agree with the "unwitting" part but Meghan is a big girl (pun intended) and appears more than willing to shill for the Left.  Of course, Meghan is a Republican in the conservative mold of Andrew Sullivan and as a none too bright attention whore she has little choice but manufacture controversary in order to draw attention to herself. Might I suggest that the talentless, tasteless Meghan will not ever go away quietly so in the future when she moos at the moon we would all be wise to respond with a resounding, Meghan who?

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