Monday, August 20, 2012

An Unclever Man


 [ i ft ]   
  1. decadent: characterized by decadence, overrefinement, or overindulgence
  2. weak: lacking the strength or ability to get things done

Were Paul Krugman to confine his self-gratification to the privacy of his own porcelain thrown (oh, that he would) we would be spared from his flatulent ego but, alas, the ego must be fed, and the New York Times stands ever at the ready, shovel in hand.  Garbage in/garbage out.

Krugman's specialty is pointing out his own searing brilliance.  He is, he will tell you, not just an expert at all things economy, he is THE expert.  None other need apply.  Nor should they, those snippity pretenders to the Krugman expertise, speak until Krugman has given them permission to do so. 

Enter Paul Ryan.  Seems that Congressman Ryan doesn't understand the rules.  He came up with a plan without showing all due deference to Dr. Krugman.  Tsk, tsk.  In return, Dr. Krugman has pronounced Congressman Ryan "unserious".  By this he means "foolish".

Krugman believes that the way to turn the economy around is to spend more money and that if the economy doesn't turn around then we simply have not spent enough money.  That is what serious people do.   Serious people do not reform entitlements because entitlements cost a lot of money and that is good.  Chicken meet egg.  Or is it egg meet chicken?

In a nutshell, Dr. Krugman for all his scholarly one-upmanship, is an idiot.  Or he is dishonest.  They aren't mutually exclusive.   Where Ryan seeks solutions to empower individuals Krugman seeks to concentrate power among the elite.  And guess who Krugman considers to be the elite of the elite-himself.  In the end he is neither serious or clever, just self-involved.   

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